JumpInChat update - Shutting down March 2nd 2021

After some long internal debate with myself, I have regretfully decided to permanently shut down JumpInChat effective on the 2nd of March, 2021.

This is not a decision that came quickly or via any circumstances outside of my control. It is something I've had on my mind for some time. For over a year I've seen my willingness to devote time to development and maintenance drop significantly. Constant strain from the on-going pandemic, combined with various family health issues, work stresses and some preexisting mental health issues, has lead me to decide I can not effectively keep the site running.

As for how the shut down will proceed, all subscription payments will be paused immediately, and new payments will be blocked. Gold subscription bonuses will extend to the shutdown date if they do not already. Yearly subscribers will receive a partial refund, equivalent to the time remaining on their subscription.

On the 2nd of March, servers will be terminated and existing stored assets removed.

While this decision is unfortunate and upsetting for a great many of you, I greatly appreciate the support, directly and otherwise. I created this site as a side-project in my spare time as an experiment when Flash was on the way out, and it remained as such for some time. Seeing the popularity rise as it did either organically, or as certain other sites made unfortunate decisions, was quite an amazing thing to see. Frankly this was the only real reason I kept things going as long as I did.

I hope everyone can find a suitable alternative, and have their communities continue. Thanks to the pandemic forcing many online, one way or another, options are now plentiful.

Thank you all for using JumpInChat, even if only briefly. It's now time for me to sleep.

November 2014–March 2021

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