Development Update — 31/10/2016

Small update about some stuff I’ve done over the weekend, which should help out with load times, usability and having stuff actually do what it’s told.

  • I’ve enabled file compression (properly this time) on the server gateway, which will cut load times by at least half.
  • An ability to parse URLs was added, so sharing links in chat is far less of a pain in the ass.
  • More work was done on cam-related bugs, and hopefully this time it’ll stop mixing and matching streams randomly when someone cams down. But no promises on this one.

I’ve got some maintenance stuff lined up such as trying to handle reconnection better, or at least to make it clearer what’s happening when a reconnection attempt fails (e.g. your laptop went to sleep and you disconnected). Other than that, it’s mostly behind the scenes work on getting deployment working better in preparation for improving my server architecture. So little to be seen, but it’s still way important.

Testing needs to be done, so create a chatroom and invite some folks and talk and stuff.

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