JumpInChat development update — 04/11/2016

The last few days has mostly been damage control after some issues were discovered since the last update. This included some disconnection issues, which I have yet to figure out, and the first fatal crash of the server. So thanks for who managed that!

So, progress so far includes:

  • An issue with IP addresses was fixed after work reconfiguring some infrastructure.
  • Shored up some API endpoints.
  • Improved the way the backend talks to the media server, which should make everything more stable.

Next in the queue is to fix reconnection, which has been a persistent issue, in what I hope to be a more robust way. Additionally, some better error messages around when a user loses connection and whether it’s something that requires a refresh.

Infrastructure upgrades have been pushed back and in it’s place are some tasks to make maintenance more automated and generally more robust.

Testing still needs to be done, so create a chatroom and invite some folks and talk and stuff.

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