JumpInChat Update — Age restricted rooms

An addition that I have planned on adding for quite some time, age restricted rooms remove some prohibitions on what can be broadcasted. While regular rooms do not allow particular “adult” themed activities to be broadcast, an age restricted, or 18+, room will allow such things as nudity and sexual activity. However, there are some additional restrictions to be aware of too. Namely, you must have your age verified in order to create or broadcast in restricted rooms.

Age verification

Verifying your age is required in order to broadcast in restricted rooms. It can be done by submitting your ID in the verification form so it can be reviewed and approved by an administrator or site moderator. Once approved, you will get an email notification and an Age verified trophy will be added to your profile.

It should be noted too that images of identity documents must only contain the required information (date of birth, expiry date and photo) and the rest can be obscured at your own discretion. These images are also permanently removed from storage after 7 days.

Age restricted rooms

Rooms that have been converted to age restricted remove the restrictions preventing nudity or sexual activities, within reason. These are to act as an alternative to regular rooms, whereby such things are expressly forbidden. I hope that they can be used to allow adult users more broadcast freedom, while keeping things above board.

Restricted rooms have their own restrictions, however, which a user should be aware of. They include include:

  • An age restricted room will enforce the need for users to be logged in to an account to enter.
  • Restricted rooms are not displayed on the public room list.
  • A room owner will not be able to revert their room back once it becomes restricted
  • Anyone broadcasting will be prevented from broadcasting if they have not been age verified
  • Broadcasts themselves must only include the verified user, and must not include anyone else.
  • Verified accounts must not be shared when used to broadcast in restricted rooms.

More can be read in the relevant segment in the terms and conditions.

While all this sounds daunting, I’d like to think that it adds additional freedom in what can be broadcast. All the while doing so in a responsible way.

As with most other things, this developing this feature is an ongoing process. Feedback is, as ever, essential to ensure it works as well as it can be. So be sure to send some.

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