JumpInChat Update — Ignoring

Ignoring users

A long awaited feature which allows you to ignore all text chat of a chosen user. I kept this feature on the back-burner for quite a while due to some complexities surrounding it’s implementation, particularly for guest users, though after a bit of thinking, I’ve finally managed to add it. This completes one of the last outstanding base features for chat rooms, and should hopefully prevent some grief for some of you.

Ignoring a user will last for up to 24 hours, after which time it will automatically expire. You can also manage your ignore list via the room command menu (cog wheel above the chat feed), which will display those you have ignored and allows you to remove them.

An improvement that is yet to be added is an ability to manage your ignore list from your user settings, though this will be added in time. Until then, the current feature set will be monitored and feedback addressed to make sure it works as intended

Other changes

Ban via chat command

Something that was missed from the moderation chat commands is the ability to ban a user. Now, by using the /ban <username|handle> command, a keyboard-capable room moderator is able to ban users directly. This should nicely complement the existing /unban command that already existed.

Create an age restricted room without being verified yourself

After some thinking, I decided it made little sense to force a user to themselves have a verified age to create an age restricted room. Since the room itself prohibits unverified users form broadcasting, there is no need to enforce this on a room owner. This should allow easier creation of age restricted rooms to complement existing rooms without needless ID uploading.

YouTube sync feature

A simple feature added to allow videos to be synced on the client-side to the position the server expects them to be. Should there be any client latency, for example, a video can be synced with the server managed time.

Upcoming feature: Playlists

An idea that has been requested numerous times is the ability to create a playlist of videos or other media. It is something that I have had on my mind for some time, and have begun work on implementing.

Initial functionality will be fairly straight forward, that is there will be a playlist manager pop-up to replace the search pop-up, which will be added to a separate window or tab. Videos can be searched for in the usual way, then added to the end of the playlist. These videos will then auto-play until the playlist is empty.

Later additions will include the ability to adjust the playlist order by drag-and-drop, though this will not be included for now while I make sure the basic feature set works as intended.

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