JumpInChat Update — Silly names, emails, and some other things.

This week’s highlight is a new guest name generation mechanism that I’ve implemented. It replaces the numeric guest names that existed prior (e.g. guest-1234) and instead replaces it with a random <adjective>_<noun> string, which is much more memorable and silly. Nothing much in the way of functionality, but a bit of fun I thought.

A major piece of functionality I’ve been working to implement though is adding email integration. Initially this will be an introductory email sent when a new account is created, which includes some handy links and an email verification link. The latter is somewhat important, because it will allow for a future password reset feature to work, which will involve sending a reset link to your email address. It’ll also allow the sending of update emails to registered and verified users.

Other than this, some small improvements have been implemented, such as fixing a bug with the cam selection modal not completely closing, as well as better handling errors around playing YouTube videos.

Speaking of YouTube, I’ll be improving functionality around YouTube videos next, such as being able to close or mute them, or stop them from appearing altogether if you desire.

So as always, create an account and start chatting. Your feedback is what will keep JumpInChat improving!

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