JumpInChat Update — Uploads and emails (again)

Uploads were the primary focus this past week was file uploads, specifically image uploads. As a result profile pictures as well as display pictures for rooms are now a thing.
Emails have also been much improved, with a consistent theme and fixed styles for gmail.

User display pictures

Image uploading is a major addition as it not only allows for uploading files in general, it adds pre-upload cropping of images to fit the particular context as well as converting and scaling it to be consistent on the back-end. This means there’s very little the user must do before uploading an image, as the only requirement is it’s a PNG or JPEG that’s less than 1Mb.

User profile images are currently shown on the user profile page as a bit of additional personalisation, and can be uploaded via the profile settings page.

Room display image

To distinguish your room from the rest in the room list (which will be expanded into it’s own page in the near future), you are now able to upload a display image which will be shown instead of the default color/cam icon that’s currently present. As a result of this, the room list items have also been restyled somewhat to prevent the room details being lost in the image. I also think it makes it look a bit cleaner anyway.
Room display images can be set in the room settings page.

What’s next?

Private messaging is the next priority, which will include both the back-end functionality and the new front-end components, as well as user settings for ignoring and adding blacklisting to avoid any inevitable unwanted PM storm. This will most likely take more than just the next week so check the twitter account for more upto date info.

As always, go to https://jumpin.chat and get chatting, invite people etc.
The only way I can make this thing better is having you break it!

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