JumpInChat update—A new website, much like the old website

So previously I talked about updates to the JumpInChat website, mainly the list of rooms, which is great and a much needed feature. However, the issue with the website as it stood was that it was rather difficult to add new features. Since then, mainly the majority of last week, I’ve been working on an entirely new website. It looks a lot like the old one, but it’s completely re-done under the hood.

Rebuilding it so that it renders server-side allows much more customisation and optimisation, as well as opening up the ability to add more stuff. User profiles and a means to actually change your user settings is now much easier to implement and will be the next priority, followed by user profiles to actually give some personality to your user account and room.

As always, testing still needs to be done so create a chatroom and invite some folks and talk and stuff.

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