JumpInChat update — Tests, tests and some bug fixes

This past week has been almost entirely about testing. Writing code tests for the client application to make sure it does what it’s supposed to, and that I don’t inadvertently break anything. Good news is most of the more complex components are now covered, which should make sure less things end up breaking. Haven’t covered everything, but starting with the most vital parts will work for now.

Working through the whole codebase in the process has also allowed me to improve some parts, which were probably written in a hurry with out much consideration for quality or making any sense whatsoever, so a bunch of stuff has been cleaned out.

Some actual live testing has also been done this week, which has uncovered several issues. These include cam windows not resizing correctly recent messages being deleted once there are more than 100 stored messages, and a bunch more around connection and mobile layout.

Work on testing will continue, though not as a high priority. Instead it will now be a part of the process of adding or changing existing things, adding tests where I go. I’ll also be looking at the server to start adding good test coverage there too.

I’ll also be looking at cam selection as the next feature addition, so keep an eye out for that.

As always, testing still needs to be done so create a chatroom and invite some folks and talk and stuff.

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